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Kembar / Twin Sisters (1950)

Original film title in Malay: Kembar
English title: Twin Sisters

Directed by S. Ramanathan
Written by S. Ramanathan (story)
Language: Malay
Starring: Mariam, M. Amin
Produced by Malay Film Productions (Shaw Bros.)
Year of release: 1950

Film Locations:
Downtown Singapore – Procession of illuminated floats to celebrate wedding of Princess Elizabeth (20 Nov 1947)
Coastal kampungs on Lazarus Island (Pulau Sakijang Pelapah)
Bukit Timah Turf Club
‘Great World ‘or ‘New World’ Amusement Park

KEMBAR is about two identical twin sisters who are separated at a young age. One of the twins, Asmah (Mariam), gets lost during a family outing to a night carnival. An old fisherman finds Asmah and adopts her. The other twin, Asiah (also Mariam, in a double role), grows up to be a famed dance hostess. Asmah, on the other hand, lives in the fishing village with her foster father. A chance encounter (love at first sight) in waters off the village leads Asmah to fall in love with Bashir, a wealthy young man from the city. However, they lose touch when Asmah relocates elsewhere to work as a servant. Bashir tries to seek Asmah out, but gets acquainted with the other twin Asiah instead. A case of mistaken identity that eventually leads to tragedy.

_01-Kembar-Float-Procession _02-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong _03-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong _04-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong _05-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong _06-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong-Headland _07-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong-Fishnet _08-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong-Island _09-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong-Love-Jealousy _10-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong-Love_11-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong_12-Kembar-Coastal-Malay-Kampong

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Film Images:
© 1950 Malay Film Productions
© 2003 Music Valley

© 2013 Toh Hun Ping

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