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Rasa Sayang Eh / Feeling of Love (1959)

Original film title in Malay: Rasa Sayang Eh
Literal English translation of film title: Feeling of Love

Directed by L. Krishnan
Written by Hamzah Hussin & M. Amin (dialogue)
Language: Malay
Starring: Wahid Satay, Kasma Booty, M. Amin
Produced by Cathay-Keris
Year of release: 1959

Film Locations:
Cathay Building and vicinity (aerial view)
Shophouse “five-foot-ways” (unidentified location)
Villa or bungalow (unidentified location)


Rasa Sayang Eh is a lighthearted vehicle for Cathay-Keris comedian star Wahid Satay, who was then dubbed the Jerry Lewis of Malay cinema. In this “musical-comedy” movie, Wahid is a singer-entertainer who does touring shows in Peninsula Malaya. The song ‘Rasa Sayang Eh’ is his favorite performing act. During one of his touring routines, he bumps into a charming female doctor on a flight and falls for her, even ending up sleeping in the same hotel room as her by mistake. Together, they become implicated in the pursuit of a secret map by two groups of gangsters; the gangsters had found out that the map they’re after is hidden behind a mask in one of Wahid’s suitcases.







_03-Rasa-Sayang-Shophouse _04-Rasa-Sayang-Shophouse


Further Reading:
1. ‘Rasa Sayang di-penapis pilem’. Berita Harian. 29 May 1959, p. 7.
2. ‘Rasa Sayang Eh menggelikan’. Berita Harian. 12 June 1959, p. 7.

Film Images:
© 1959 Cathay-Keris
© 2001 Music Valley


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