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Takdir Illahi / The Will of God (1950)

Original film title in Malay: Takdir Illahi
English title: The Will of God
Chinese title: 狠毒後母心

Directed by L. Krishnan
Written by L. Krishnan (story), A. R. Tompel (dialogue)
Songs and syair by Osman Ahmad
Produced by Malay Film Productions (Shaw Brothers)
In Malay
Cast: Neng Yatimah, P. Ramlee, Daeng Harris, A. R. Tompel, Daeng Idris, Mohd. Yusuf, Siti Tanjong Perak, Sa’adiah

Released September 1950 (in Singapore)

Film locations (in Singapore):
Masjid Alkaff Upper Serangoon [21:25]

“The second wife of a widowed Raja becomes jealous of her stepdaughter Fatimah since it appears that her husband loves the girl more than he does her. She conspires to have Fatimah doped and taken into the jungle where a hired assassin lurks to kill her. He takes pity on her, however, and instead of murdering her lops off both her arms. P. Ramlee is the warrior who rescues her and, despite her terrible injuries, falls in love with her. He wins her father’s approval by leading his troops in a victorious battle against the invading army from a neighbouring state. Having meanwhile given birth to twins, Fatimah, who has never ceased to pray, suddenly finds takdir illahi (the will of Allah) has restored her arms. All ends happily.”
(James Harding and Ahmad Sarji, ‘P. Ramlee: The Bright Star’, 2002, page 36)

1950 Takdir Illahi - Masjid Alkaff Upp Serangoon

Film Images:
© 1950 Malay Film Productions


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