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空中小姐 / Air Hostess (1958)


Original film title in Chinese: 空中小姐
English film title: Air Hostess

Directed by Evan Yang 易文
Written by Evan Yang 易文
Language: Mandarin
Starring: Grace Chang 戈兰 , Roy Chiao Hung 乔宏, Julie Yeh Fung 叶枫
Produced by Motion Picture & General Investment Co. Ltd. (MP&GI) 国际电影懋业有限公司

Film Locations:
Downtown Singapore (aerial views)
Paya Lebar Airport
Anderson Bridge & vicinity, Supreme Court, Padang
Cathay Building, Sultan Mosque
Nanyang University 南洋大学 (or ‘Nantah’)
Van Kleef Aquarium
Queen Elizabeth Walk (Esplanade Park)
Ocean Park Hotel
Night entertainment venues


Despite reservations and protests from her mother and chauvinistic boyfriend, free-wheeling Lin Ke-ping (Grace Chang) signs up for training to become an air stewardess (or “air hostess”, a term that was used when the profession was still a novelty then). She turns out to be the best trainee and soon begins to jet about the world, working on flights between Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Bangkok.

Lin Ke-ping’s work schedule becomes an avenue, or excuse if you like, to insert various touristy scenes of the places where she ends up in – cinema escapism at its best. A film tour of downtown Singapore ensues, taking in Supreme Court, Anderson Bridge, Cathay Building and Sultan Mosque; this was a film sequence that was borrowed from a 1957 documentary on Singapore titled “Singapore: The Lion City”, produced by the Malayan Film Unit.

In the meantime, Lin Ke-ping also begins to fall in love with her colleague Lei Da-ying, a strait-laced pilot. Off duty in Singapore, the pair would go on dates to some of the most talked about places of that era: the then-almost-completed Nanyang University campus in Jurong (now the Nanyang Technological University); the Van Kleef Aquarium at the foot of Fort Canning Hill (demolished in 1998); and Queen Elizabeth Walk where a colleague of theirs watches them from a distance with envy (or jealousy), and struts back to the Ocean Park Hotel (where the airline employees are put up).


_01-Air-Hostess-Aerial-downtown _02-Air-Hostess-Aerial-Cathay-Dhoby-Ghaut


_03-Air-Hostess-Paya-Lebar-Airport _04-Air-Hostess-Paya-Lebar-Airport _05-Air-Hostess-Paya-Lebar-Airport _06-Air-Hostess-Paya-Lebar-Airport _07-Air-Hostess-Paya-Lebar-Airport


_07A-Paya-Lebar-Airbase-2013 _07B-Paya-Lebar-Airbase-2013 _07C-Paya-Lebar-Airbase-2013



_08-Air-Hostess-Supreme-Court _08A-Former-Supreme-Court-Padang-2013 _08B-Former-Supreme-Court-Padang-2013 _08C-Former-Supreme-Court-Padang-2013



_09-Air-Hostess-Empress-Place _09A-Empress-Place-Raffles-Statue-2014 _10-Air-Hostess-Cathay-Ad _11-Air-Hostess-Sultan-Mosque _12-Air-Hostess-Cathay-Building


_13-Air-Hostess-Nanyang-University _13A-Air-Hostess-Nanyang-University_14-Air-Hostess-Nanyang-University-1


_14A-Old-Photo-Nanyang-University _14B-Postcard-Nanyang-University _14C-Old-Photo-Nanyang-University-Staff-Quarters



_15-Air-Hostess-Van-Kleef-Aquarium _15A-Air-Hostess-Van-Kleef-Aquarium _16-Air-Hostess-Van-Kleef-Aquarium _17-Air-Hostess-Van-Kleef-Aquarium


_17A-Postcard-King-George-V-Jubilee-Park-Van-Kleef-Aquarium _17B-Former-Van-Kleef-Aquarium-2014 _17C-Former-Van-Kleef-Aquarium-2014



_18-Air-Hostess-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk _18A-Air-Hostess-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk _18B-Air-Hostess-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk-filming-on-location _18C-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk-2014


_19-Air-Hostess-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk _20-Air-Hostess-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk

_20B-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk-2014 _20C-Esplanade-Park-Cenotaph-2014 _21-Air-Hostess-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk _22-Air-Hostess-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk _22A-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk-2014 _22B-Queen-Elizabeth-Walk-2014



_23-Air-Hostess-Ocean-Park-Hotel _23A-Ocean-Park-Hotel-Condominium-2013 _23B-Ocean-Park-Hotel-Condominium-2013


_24-Air-Hostess-Night-Odeon _25-Air-Hostess-Night-Sea-View-Hotel _26-Air-Hostess-Night-Adelphi-Grill _27-Air-Hostess-Night-Islamic-Restaurant _28-Air-Hostess-Night-Spore-Hotel



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Film Images:
© 1959 MP&GI, Cathay Organisation
© 2006 Hoker Records

© 2013, 2014 Toh Hun Ping


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