Singapore Film Locations Archive showcases screen memories of Singapore and chronicles the historical transformation of Singapore’s urban and rural landscapes through ‘on-location’ scenes in films produced and released in the 20th century.

One will be able to see how Singapore’s living environment has been featured in films from the past century — the melodramas, romance stories, detective thrillers, comedies, musicals, horror and action flicks that played out in real location settings in Singapore. Residents in Singapore will find delight in recognizing film locations that have remained unaltered over time or acknowledge the changes in the places as a result of urban renewal and redevelopment. The archive will describe (through short reviews) the extent to which these film narratives and visual stories represent the lived reality of the actual locations. It aims to be definitive online resource and database for information on the history of film location shooting in Singapore.

This project is supported under the Singapore Memory Project’s irememberSG Fund, as part of the Singapore50 (SG50) celebrations.



  1. Heng Choon

    Hi Hanbin, Just saw your 5 seconds of fame on CNA. Good advertising that bought me here. Coincidentally, I just noted that Hitman : Agent 47 got locations in Singapore too.

  2. kt cheong

    dear person in charge, could you get back to me please? i would like to use some photos for my case study and i would like to know where you got them. thank you so much!

  3. Mark Wu

    Hi Hun Ping,
    Don’t know if the website is still active but this stuff is absolutely interesting! Are there any frames/images of the old Cathay-Keris studios in the old films?

    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your interest. Yep, it’s still active. I try to update it when I can find the time. And yes, some of the Cathay-Keris films show different parts of the studio at East Coast Road, most prominently in ‘Muda Mudi’ (The Young Ones, 1965), a film about an aging actress and her increasingly successful daughter who is a singer. Watch it here (not so good image quality): https://youtu.be/b1ph4KiUcaQ

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