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Azimat / The Seal of Solomon (1958)

Original film title in Malay: Azimat
English title: The Seal of Solomon

Directed by Rolf Bayer
Written by Rolf Bayer
Language: Malay
Starring: Pancho Magalona, Saloma, Ahmad Mahmud, Tita Doran
Produced by Malay Film Productions (Shaw Bros.)

Film Locations:
Downtown Singapore (aerial view)
Runme Shaw’s villa (34, Queen Astrid Park)
Boat Quay & Elgin Bridge (Singapore River)
Singapore Turf Club (Bukit Timah)
Outram Prison (Pearl’s Hill Prison)?
Sky Palace Restaurant at Asia Insurance Building (Finlayson Green)


Said to be a loose adaptation of French novelist Honoré de Balzac’s ‘La Peau de chagrin’ (‘The Magic Skin’), the Malay-language film Azimat was Filipino (some say Filipino-American) Rolf Bayer’s first directorial effort for the Shaw Brothers’ Malay Film Productions.

(Before his stint with the Shaw Brothers, Rolf Bayer had written a number of scripts for his compatriot director Lamberto V. Avellana, most notably Badjau/1957, a Philippines-Singapore co-production with backing from the Cathay-Keris film studio; it was released in Singapore/Malaya as ‘Badjau Anak Laut’.)

For Azimat (a Malay word for ‘talisman’), Rolf Bayer was probably inspired by an old French tale about the excesses of bourgeois materialism (‘La Peau de chagrin’), and adapted the story for then-contemporary Singapore, an island city with a modern, cosmopolitan side that was inhabited by rich urbanites reveling in the trappings of material wealth and luxury. The film’s narrative centers on Rene (Pancho Magalona), a rich man’s son who indulges so heavily in women, music and wine that he has a falling out with his father. Down and distraught, Rene roams into an elderly Chinese man’s basement shop and chances upon a magic skin (a talisman) which is said to be able to fulfill whatever he desires for, shrinking slightly upon the realization of each wish. With the powerful magic skin, Rene moves quickly to quench his desires for the usual obsessions, but soon realizes that misfortunes begin to befall the people around him.

Befitting an urban tale of greed and debauchery, Azimat’s film locations were likely chosen to comprise places that were associated with the affluent in Singapore – where they live (Runme Shaw’s villa in Queen Astrid Park); where they hang out (Bukit Timah Turf Club, Sky Palace Restaurant at Asia Insurance Building, nightclubs and classy restaurants); and where they look for adventures outside of their domain (Singapore River’s Boat Quay; it was formerly a working-class district of go-downs and shophouses before it was gentrified in the 1990s).


_01-Azimat-Shenton-Way-aerial-view _01A-Aerial-view-of-Shenton-Way-c.1976



_02-Azimat-Shaw-villa-Queen-Astrid _03-Azimat-Shaw-villa-Queen-Astrid _04-Azimat-Shaw-villa-Queen-Astrid _04A-PhotoMap-1950-RunmeShaw-Villa-QueenAstridPark _04B-Former-RunmeShaw-Villa-QueenAstridPark-2014



_05-Azimat-Elgin-Bridge _05A-Boat-Quay-Elgin-Bridge-Underpass-2014 _06-Azimat-Boat-Quay-foodstall _06A-Boat-Quay-Elgin-Bridge-Riverside-dining-Restaurant-2014 _06B-Boat-Quay-Elgin-Bridge-Riverside-dining-Parliament-House-2014 _07-Azimat-Boat-Quay _07A-Boat-Quay-Gentrified-2014



_09-Azimat-Bukit-Timah-Turf-Club _10-Azimat-Bukit-Timah-Turf-Club _10A-Postcard-Bukit-Timah-Turf-Club _11-Azimat-Bukit-Timah-Turf-Club _11A-Former-Bukit-Timah-Turf-Club-2013 _11B-Former-Bukit-Timah-Turf-Club-Remnant-2013 _11C-Former-Bukit-Timah-Turf-Club-Remnant-2013 _11D-Former-Bukit-Timah-Turf-Club-2013



_12-Azimat-Prison _13-Azimat-Prison _13A-PhotoMap-1950-Outram-Prison _13B-Former-Outram-Prison-2013 _13C-Former-Outram-Prison-2014



_14-Azimat-Asia-Insurance-Building _15-Azimat-Asia-Insurance-Building _16-Azimat-Asia-Insurance-Building _17-Azimat-Asia-Insurance-Building _17A-Former-Asia-Insurance-Building-1950s _17B-Former-Asia-Insurance-Building-2013 _17C-Former-Asia-Insurance-Building-2013 _17D-Former-Asia-Insurance-Building-Sky-Palace-Restaurant-Roof-Garden-2014 _17E-Former-Asia-Insurance-Building-Rear-facade-2013 _17F-Former-Asia-Insurance-Building-2014


After Azimat, Rolf Bayer would direct another film for the Shaw Brothers, but this time it was a Chinese film – 星岛芳踪 (‘Black Gold’; Released in 1959, the film concerns drug trafficking). It was shot on location in Singapore (Stevens Road, Merdeka Bridge, Changi Prison, St. John’s Island) and Malaya (Cameron Highlands) using the crew and equipment of the Jalan Ampas studio, and featured a multi-racial cast of local Malays, Hong Kong Chinese and indigenous Sakai tribesmen.


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Film Images:
© 1958 Malay Film Productions
© 2003 Music Valley

Digital Map Source:
Great Britain. Royal Air Force, Singapore photomap, National Library of Australia, MAP G8041.A4 s6 1950. []

© 2013, 2014 Toh Hun Ping

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