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Nasib / Fate (1949)

Original film title in Malay: Nasib
Literal English translation of film title: Fate

Directed by B. S. Rajhans
Language: Malay
Starring: S. Roomai Noor, Siput Sarawak, P. Ramlee
Produced by Shaw Brothers
Year of release: 1949

Film Locations:
Changi Beach
Offshore islands of Singapore?


Kassim (S. Roomai Noor) is banished from his home by his elder brother and sister-in-law who plotted to keep the family inheritance to themselves. Kassim and his two close pals attempt to make a living at sea by fishing. But their boat topples over and they drift to a secluded island. There, they chance upon a pirates’ lair in a cave and manage to steal their ill-gotten treasures. Kassim’s fate takes a turn once more.

Being a story set in the ancient times of Malay kingdoms and fiefdoms, the bulk of Nasib had to be shot in the film studio with imagined creations of fictional royal palaces and archaic market towns. However, the Straits Times had reported that Shaw Brothers had spent “six months shooting in their Singapore studios in Ampas Road [Jalan Ampas] and on neighbouring islands…” (10 July 1949, p. 7; emphasis ours). Indeed, there are several scenes that were filmed outdoors in rural locations in Singapore and possibly even in then-Malaya. The film begins with a song shot at a waterfall with wading pool (Kota Tinggi?). Kassim and his pals set off for the sea from a sandy coast (Changi Beach). And the entrance to the pirates’ cave lair might have been shot on an offshore island made up of limestone or sandstone rocks. We haven’t had a chance to head out to the islands to track down the “cave entrance by the sea” that resembles the one in Nasib. Neither have we found information or evidence on the existence of tall natural caves (as tall as the one in Nasib) on the “neighbouring islands” of Singapore. A few islands under our “suspicion” were Pulau Tekukor, Ubin, Tekong, Sajahat and Blakang Mati. For the Singapore nature enthusiasts who are reading this, do let us know if they are any such offshore island caves?




Film Images:
© 1949 Malay Film Productions
© 2003 Music Valley


  1. Hi Hun Ping,

    Love how your project is progressing so far. I used to visit your SGFilmHunter blog a lot for my research, so thank you 🙂

    Regarding the coastline, I believe it is Changi beach facing Pengerang mountain. Here’s a photo ref from Singas website:

    As for “the cave”, it’s hard to determine the location from those gifs. Was the cave deep? Did the movie show the inside? The gifs reminded me of Sentosa’s Tanjung Rimau which has some cave-like structure. See: and and

    Hope these info helps!

    • Hi Juria,

      Thanks for your comments!
      I also like what you and Jerome are doing with Points of Departure.

      Yes, the coastline is likely Changi Beach, as you pointed out. Will update my post soon.

      As for the “cave”, the filmmakers resorted to studio sets (paper mache) for the cave interiors. The gifs that I posted were the only shots of the cave. So, we have no idea how deep the cave was, and how it looked from a distance.
      It could be Tanjung Rimau but I thought the cave entrance featured in the movie was wider and taller…

      By the way, in the course of your research, did you come across anyone who used to live in Kampong Tanjong Kling or Pulau Samulun (today’s Jurong Shipyard)?

      Hun Ping

  2. Greeting from Urban Explorers of Singapore,

    The suggestion by Juria about Tanjong Rimau being one of the site is irrelevant.
    See link below on what that site was in the past.

    Instead of focusing on Changi, look towards the direction of Tanah Merah or Ayer Gemuroh.
    If it’s an offshore island, J’ubin is also a possibility.


    • Thanks Azyure.
      It’s still a mystery to me. Was it really a seafront cave that was featured in the film ‘Nasib’?

      P. Ubin is indeed a possibility. I wonder if there are any seafront caves on the coastline of the island?


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