Singapore Film Locations Archive

In the Malay Islands (1913)

Short documentary film

Given English title: In the Malay Islands (main title missing)
Produced by Éclair
Year of release: 1913
Film Locations: Singapore Harbour, Singapore Town, Malay kampong


The National Film Archive Catalogue Part II (published by the British Film Institute, 1960) lists a “scenic” film produced by French film company Éclair that was shot in Singapore:

IN THE MALAY ISLANDS (main title missing). Éclair.
Singapore harbour; unloading fish at the quayside; Chinese life in the city; scenes in a Malay village; a sunset.
(272 feet) English titles.
Reference: Bioscope, 21 (371), November 20, 1913, suppl. p. v.




In the Malay Islands is in the collection of the British Film Institute (BFI):

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