Singapore Film Locations Archive

Some Views of Singapore (1916)

Short documentary film

Film title in English: Some Views of Singapore
Produced by Pathé
Year of release: 1916
Film Locations:
Singapore Harbour, Cavenagh Bridge, Anderson Bridge, Malay kampong


Motion Picture News (8 April 1916, Vol. 13, No, 14):
Some Views of Singapore.” (Pathé. Split reel.) – On the same reel with “Siberia, the Vast Unknown.” An entertaining topical with a score of pretty views taken about this sea coast city.


The Moving Picture World (25 March 1916):
SOME VIEWS OF SINGAPORE (British Straits Settlements) (Pathe – March 18). – On the same reel as the foregoing. – This important town of the British Straits Settlements is interestingly pictured in this release. Singapore is the commercial center of the Straits Settlements and as such carries on an enormous trade. Many and beautiful are the engineering feats performed there by British engineers. The bridges are probably the most noteworthy achievements along these lines, and the Gavenah (Cavenagh) and Anderson spans are of especial interest. Quaint Malay villages always interesting to our Occidental eyes, are also known.


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