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Anjoran Nasib / A Twist of Fate (1952)

Original film title in Malay: Anjoran Nasib
English title: A Twist of Fate
Chinese title: 皆大歡喜

Directed by B. S. Rajhans
Written by Ibrahim Ali (dialogue)
Produced by Malay Film Productions (Shaw Brothers)
In Malay
Cast: P. Ramlee, Mariam, Daeng Harris, Musalmah, Omar Rojik, R. Azmi, Sa’adiah, Harun Omar

Released April 1952 (in Singapore)

Film Locations (in Singapore):
Night entertainment venues (Shaw Brothers-owned)
Rex Cinema / Theatre (Mackenzie Road)
Open-air café at Great World Amusement Park
Clifford Pier
Old Sea View Hotel (Meyer Road)
Runme Shaw’s Villa (Queen Astrid Park)

Maimun (Mariam) is a celebrated singer at the Rex Theatre. Her father, Kamal, is a petty thief whom she protects and gives money to. While giving chase to Kamal, young police inspector Bahar (P. Ramlee) meets Maimum in her dressing room and falls in love with her. While Bahar appears to be living in relative comfort, he, his mother and sister are in fact mistreated by Razak, their uncle and guardian after their father Haji Salleh left them to live and work in Java, Indonesia. Together with his lover, Razak has been planning to usurp the wealth that rightfully belongs to Bahar and his family. Razak also happens to be Maimum’s employer.

Before his death, Haji Salleh receives news of Bahar’s forthcoming wedding to Maimum, with a pleading letter from Bahar’s sister which reveals the degrading treatment by Razak. Haji Salleh, on his death bed, sends his loyal secretary Sidek to Singapore to look after his children’s interests. Sidek lands in Singapore at Clifford Pier. While waiting for a taxi, his belongings are snitched by Kamal, who is quickly apprehended by the police. Sidek realises that Kamal closely resembles his employer and decides to clear him of his petty crimes. He invites him for tea at the old Sea View Hotel. There, he comes up with a plan to deal with Razak.


_02-Anjoran-Night-Rex-Theatre _03-Anjoran-Night-Rex-Theatre _04-Anjoran-Night-Rex-Theatre _05-Anjoran-Night-Rex-Theatre _06-Anjoran-Night-Rex-Theatre _07-Anjoran-Night-Rex-Theatre _07A-Photomap-1950-Rex-Cinema _07B-Rex-Cinema-2014 _07C-Rex-Cinema-2014


_09-Anjoran-Clifford-Pier _10-Anjoran-Clifford-Pier_10A-Clifford-Pier-Marina-Reservoir-2014_11-Anjoran-Clifford-Pier_12-Anjoran-Clifford-Pier_13-Anjoran-Clifford-Pier_14-Anjoran-Clifford-Pier_14A-PhotoMap1950-Clifford-Pier_14B-Postcard-Clifford-Pier-Carpark_13A-Clifford-Pier-2014_14C-Clifford-Pier-Fullerton-Bay-Hotel-2014 _14D-Clifford-Pier-Fullerton-Bay-Hotel-2014 _14E-Clifford-Pier-Fullerton-Bay-Hotel-2014



Filming locations of Anjoran Nasib:
Night entertainment venues (Shaw Brothers-owned) [
Rex Cinema (Mackenzie Road) [
1:48, 7:41]
Open-air café at Great World Amusement Park [
Clifford Pier [
Old Sea View Hotel (Meyer Road) [
50:39, 53:41]
Runme Shaw’s Villa (Queen Astrid Park) [
55:36, 1:08:24, 1:17:14, 1:41:30]

Further Reading:
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Film Images:
© 1952 Malay Film Productions
© 2002 Music Valley

Digital Map Source:
Great Britain. Royal Air Force, Singapore photomap, National Library of Australia, MAP G8041.A4 s6 1950. []

© 2014 Toh Hun Ping

19520419 Anjoran Nasib Newspaper Ads

19520502 Anjoran Nasib Newspaper Ads

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