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Antara Senyum dan Tangis / Twixt Smiles and Tears (1952)


Original film title in Malay: Antara Senyum dan Tangis
English title: Twixt Smiles and Tears

Directed by L. Krishnan
Language: Malay
Starring: P. Ramlee, Rokiah, Musalmah
Produced by Malay Film Productions (Shaw Bros.)

Film Locations:
Malay Kampong
Bukit Timah Railway Station
Newspaper printing factory


Abidin (P. Ramlee), an engineer at a tin mine, is indignant that his employer refuses to pay adequate compensation to the family of a fellow worker who died on the job. He promptly quits after a confrontation with the boss, and pays a visit to the family of the deceased at the kampong. There, he falls in love with Faridah (Rokiah) and they marry after a brief courtship. Soon after, Abidin is offered a job in a new tin mine, which is subsequently acquired by his begrudged former employer. The employer’s daughter, Maimun (Musalmah), is appointed the manager and she begins to seduce Abidin, who succumbs to her advances. When Faridah realises that Abidin has been unfaithful, she decides to take a train back to her home village (balik kampong).


_01-SenyumTangis-Kampong _02-SenyumTangis-Kampong _03-SenyumTangis-Kampong
_04-SenyumTangis-BukitTimah-RailwayStation _05-SenyumTangis-BukitTimah-RailwayStation _06-SenyumTangis-BukitTimah-RailwayStation _07-SenyumTangis-BukitTimah-RailwayStation _08-SenyumTangis-BukitTimah-RailwayStation _09-SenyumTangis-BukitTimah-RailwayStation _10-SenyumTangis-BukitTimah-RailwayStation _11-SenyumTangis-BukitTimah-RailwayStation
_12-SenyumTangis-Newspaper-factory _13-SenyumTangis-Tin-Mine-Malaya


Further Reading:
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Film Images:
© 1952 Malay Film Productions
© 2002 Music Valley

© 2013 Toh Hun Ping


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