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Rachun Dunia / Poison of the World (1950)

Original film title in Malay: Rachun Dunia
Literal English translation of film title: Poison of the World

Directed by B. S. Rajhans
Written by A. R. Iyer
Language: Malay
Starring: Osman Gumanti, Kasma Booty, Siput Sarawak, P. Ramlee
Produced by Malay Film Productions (Shaw Bros.)

Film Locations:
Colonial-era bungalow (Malay-Anglo style)
Malay kampong
Singapore General Hospital (Bowyer Block)


Jamal (Osman Gumanti), the eldest son of a rich lumber businessman, is married to Aminah (Kasma Booty). Together, they live with their young daughter Mardiana in a colonial-era bungalow, and are served by a pair of domestic helpers. Jamal tires of tending to his father’s business and comes under the influence of Harun (P. Ramlee), an insurance agent, who conspires with a seductive woman, Aishah, to cheat Jamal of his wealth. Jamal falls for Aishah and submits to her wishes, leaving Aminah and Mardiana to fend for themselves.

_01-Rachun-Colonial-era-Bungalow _02-Rachun-Colonial-era-Bungalow _03-Rachun-Colonial-era-Bungalow-Driveway _04-Rachun-Colonial-era-Bungalow-Skip-Rope _05-Rachun-Colonial-era-Bungalow _06-Rachun-Colonial-era-Bungalow-Garden _07-Rachun-Colonial-era-Bungalow-Garden _08-Rachun-Malay-Kampung


The Bowyer block of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in Outram appears for a brief moment in the film when one of the domestic helper in the narrative is hospitalized. The Bowyer block, with its iconic clock tower, was the architectural centerpiece when the general hospital was opened in March 1926. Only the portico, the clock tower and central core of the block remains today. The “wings” of the building had been torn down to make way for new (and modern) buildings in the hospital compounds. What remains of the Bowyer block is now under conservation and serves as the SGH Museum.

_09A-SGH-Bowyer-Block-2012 _09B-SGH-Bowyer-Block-2012


Film Images:
© 1950 Malay Film Productions
© 2002 Music Valley

© 2012 Toh Hun Ping



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