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Twenty-Thousand-Kilometre Battlefront (1942)

Original Japanese title: Sensen Nimankiro (戦線二万粁)


Language: Japanese
Produced by Nihon Eigasha (Nichiei)
Year of release: 1942

Film Locations:
Straits of Johor
Tengah Airfield
Ford Factory (Bukit Timah)
Anson Road (Boustead Institute)
Municipal Building (City Hall) & Supreme Court
Cathay Building
View from Cathay Building


SENSEN NIMANKIRO is a newsreel compilation that documents the extent of the Japanese military campaign in East and Southeast Asia until early 1942. By then, Japanese imperial forces had advanced as far as the Soviet-Manchukuo border in the north, to Singapore and Borneo in the south. This propaganda film is a chronicle of events at the numerous locales along the battlefront (akin to an expanding catalogue of newly-acquired possessions), including the Mongol Border Land, Northern China, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Fujian, Hong Kong, Philippines, Borneo, Burma, Malaya and, the last and ultimate ‘destination’ on the list, the British empire’s Gibraltar in the Far East – Singapore.


_01-SensenNimankiro-The-Battlefront _02-SensenNimankiro-The-Malayan-Battlefront _03-SensenNimankiro-Singapore_04-SensenNimankiro-Singapore copy_05-SensenNimankiro-Singapore-Cathay_06-SensenNimankiro-Anson-Road


Film Images:
© 1942 Nihon Eigasha (Nichiei)
© 2004 Connie Video


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