Singapore Film Locations Archive

The City of Singapore (1910)

Short travel ‘actuality’ film; ‘Scenic’ film

Original film title in French: Singapore
English title: ‘The City of Singapore’ or ‘Singapore’
Produced by Pathé Frères
Year of release: 1910
Film Locations: Singapore Harbour, Singapore River, etc.


Bioscope (December 8, 1910, p. 27): “Shots of docks with coolies loading up coal are followed by shots of sampans on the central canal; views of the centre of the town with rickshaws and carriages passing before municipal buildings; the Chinese and Malay quarters; a sugar cane vendor; a native open-air restaurant, and finally, coolies eating with chopsticks. (324 feet)”

Moving Picture World (August 5, 1911, Vol. 9, No. 4): “These are excellent travelogs which come from the Pathé Studios and give clear impressions of the people and their habits of life in distant portions of the world. Like all the travel pictures Pathé sends out, this one is made and finished with consummate care. It is well worth the time and effort expended upon it.”




Singapore is in the collection of the British Film Institute (BFI) and the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé’:

Further Reading:
SINGAPORE. ‘Colonial Film: Moving Images of the British Empire’ website. []


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